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Parents Rave About Catholic Education at Lourdes Academy
 High Academic Standards, character Building and A family Environment Bring Families to catholic school
Today parents have more choices than ever about how their child will get an education - public school, private school, home school, online school.  The list seems unending. The decision you make for your child can make a huge impact on their life.
There are a group of families in Daytona Beach, FL who have committed to challenging their elementary and middle school students to achieve high academic standards, build Christian values and character all while being in a close knit, diverse family environment.  They have found an alternative to big schools, behavioral issues and high-pressure testing.  

Lourdes Academy is the School where their Children are Thriving 

"They are grooming her for success in life: socially, spiritually and academically. I'm thankful everyday that we chose Lourdes Academy."

-Chris V., 3rd grade parent
"Lourdes Academy is a perfect example of diversity and multiculturalism.  Everybody here is connected, regardless of their ethnic background."

- Nanette G., 7th grade parent
"The quality of the teachers and the education is stellar.  My son is challenged, loved and in a safe environment."

-Michelle W., 6th grade parent

Meet the Principal - Steve Dole

I've been the principal at Lourdes Academy for the last four years.  Our school is a fantastic alternative to public school for families looking for high academic standards in a loving family atmosphere.  

Our school has about 250 students and plenty of staff to give individualized attention to each student.  

I invite you to learn more about Lourdes Academy by taking a school tour.  You'll see the campus and we will be happy to answer your questions.

To Learn More About Lourdes Academy 
During COVID-19 School Closure
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The Top 3 Reasons Families Choose Lourdes Academy

Strong Academics
Lourdes Academy students are encouraged to achieve their top academic potential. The Student Services team ensures all students are successful and spends time in the classroom giving special attention to students who need more challenging work and supporting those who need additional help.  
Catholic Education
Lourdes Academy students learn about the Catholic faith traditions that are based on Christian values, service to others and loving our neighbor. Families of any faith background are welcome at Lourdes Academy! Students across all grades have opportunities to love others through acts of service and to work for social justice. Daily prayer service and weekly mass are celebrated in addition to other religious education classwork. 

Family Environment 
There is something different when you walk on the Lourdes Academy campus. It’s the feeling of genuine care and family connection among students, teachers and staff. Lourdes Academy is a small school, which allows everyone from the principal to the cafeteria team to know each child personally. It’s a level of connectedness that is truly unique.

To Learn More About Lourdes Academy 
During COVID-19 School Closure
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Check out the article on 7 important questions parents should ask when touring a potential school for their child.  

Lourdes Academy Offers More than Public School

  • Character and Leadership Development at all grade levels
  • Religious Education with daily prayer and weekly church service.
  • Take Home Chromebook for all middle school students
  • ​Sports Program for all ages
  • ​Sign Language Class for all middle school students

Affording Catholic Education Is Easier Than You Think

You maybe thinking, this all sounds great, but my family can't afford to send our children to private school.  Lourdes Academy has multiple scholarships that can help people make Catholic school a reality for your child.  There is even assistance for middle class families with two incomes.  Scholarships are easily accessible.  That is why seventy-five percent of Lourdes Academy families receive some type of financial assistance!
"It was easy to get the information and apply for a scholarship.  I wasn't sure if we would get assistance with two working parents, but they worked with us and made Catholic education a reality for my children for the last nine years."

-Anika A., parent of 5th grader and Lourdes graduate

Lourdes Academy Offers More than You Expect

  • More than 15 after school activities
  • ​Nearly 2,000 hours of community service performed by middle school students
  • ​Individual attention with 250 students in the school

To Learn More About Lourdes Academy During COVID-19 School Closure
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